BioSolver (cheat Biotronic on Facebook)

If you are madly raptured by the Biotronic game on Facebook, and you have got some buddies with a peerless score, then this software has been written for you. Now you have the opportunity to increase your score by several hundred thousand points with a minimal effort. About the AUTOPLAY:…

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  • Clifford Blair

    So I have been trying to get GemFinder to work with Sutek’s Tomb on neopets for shits and giggles without any luck. Could you help at all?

  • Gianpaolo Ingegneri

    Yes, you are right. The tile recognitor seems to confuse tiles that are similar in the color spectrum. I tried sampling the tiles too but it doesn’t seem to help. This program has been programmed by me many years ago to play basically biotronic and bejeweled, when Sutek’s Tomb game didn’t exist. For sure there are more appropriate algorithms for this particular case than color matching and FFT2D, for example the signal to noise ratio (SNR), structural similarity (SSIM), wavelet transform and scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT). I really need to check it out again :-) Thanks for sharing.