Youtube demonetization: Justice or injustice?

Sometimes I watched videos of youtubers that were very angry because youtube slowly demonetized their videos, making their lives harder. They point out very good arguments, but most of the time they want to save their interests. As a person totally out from this business, I was wondering myself if demonetization is good or bad, if youtube is seriously out of mind or if the company has its good reasons for doing it. Justice or injustice?

First of all, let me say that youtube demonetization is not something new. Everybody is talking about it since 2016 but it started on 2012, when youtube automatically demonetized videos with content that was unfriendly for the advertisers, even though youtube started a massive action of demonetization only in the last two years. Of course, most of the youtubers are against demonetization because they use youtube for making money, and not as a free form of expression, unlike 2005, when youtube was a platform that could be used for free cultural exchange of arts, ideas, facts, news, clips, or simply to broadcast yourself.

I remember that youtube on 2006-2007 was so much fun. You could find all the weird stuff possible, everything was free, nobody could make money and everything was made just for the sake of free entertainment. Even the visibility concept was totally different. I remember that without subscribers, you could make thousands of views in few hours, just with the quality of the video. Today, if you want to make the same views (or even less), you need thousands of subscribers, and if you don't have it, you cannot achieve any kind of visibility at all, even if you present a video with instructions for building a cold fusion reactor. This makes the whole platform totally useless for random people but just a money station for professional youtubers, that basically are slowly readapting their contents to achieve the same kind of entertainment that you can watch on television, just to make money. And as we know, when entertainment is governed by money, it is easly subject to restrictions. If youtube was a good idea in the past because it started with a concept of freedom totally opposite to television, today thanks to profit has slowly turned into television again. So instead of wondering why youtube is demonetizing videos, people should wonder what they lost for the sake of making money. And talking about that, after the first years of monetization, youtube has given the illusion that everyone can comfortably enrich themselves from the home computer, losing their jobs and making videos of any kind. Some youtubers had time and resources to create appropriate videos with quality content, making lot of subscribers and views. On the contrary, other people wanted to make easy subscriptions (and money) creating videos with controversial material that could capture the curiosity of the viewers, like dangerous challenges with blood, vomit, diarrhea, broken bones, injuries, or with pornography, fatal accidents, live deaths, animal cruelty and so on. Most of this content has been demonetized to give to the advertizers the chance to not be associated with something that they don't want to. Some youtubers are saying that youtube is going to die soon for this reason and that the company is compromising the freedom of speech, but all these statements are false. First of all, youtube is not losing anything, the company is increasing its business every year and it's still the best acquisition that Google had so far. Second, demonetization is not censorship. Making money on youtube is an option and if you want to continue to make inappropriate content, you can still publish it without making money. If you want to make money, you have rules to respect. If you cannot continue to make videos because youtube doesn't pay you, it's not a form of censorship, it's just your problem. The only injustice here is that youtube did a bad job demonetizing videos that were fine, by mistake. Even if everybody is talking about the end of youtube, that mistake concerned only a tiny fraction of the demonetized users, that is only 1-2%. Youtube is a very large service so it's normal that something went wrong during the process. They had no interest to make it on purpose, so they will fix the issues to make a better service for everybody, you don't have to worry about it.