Block chains to break the chain

Yesterday bitcoin saw a record of $11,500 and now it dropped down to $9,400 with a fluctuation of $2,100 in two days. Let me say that this event doesn't change my opinion about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Even better, if bitcoin should collapse even more, it would not change anything. If the waterfall should continue, the only thing to do is to exchange to a more stable cryptocurrency and buy it again when it will start to grow. Let's assume that you have 10 bitcoins, $94,000 and the value is rapdly decreasing. You could exchange to an altcoin that is more constant. Let's say that you exchange the same amount of money to Dash with a little loss during the transaction. After few days, Bitcoin is going to be $4,000 and dash will be the same: you saved about $54,000. Then bitcoin is growing again, from $4,000 to $6,000 in few days: you can have it back. Let's say that in the worst scenario you may end up with $90,000 when bitcoin is still $6000. Then it grows again to $10,000 and your amount is going to be $90,000 * 10/6 = $150,000. This is the beauty of cryptocurrency and trading and that's why I still believe on it. You have the same opportunity of losing and gain at the same time, everything depends on your choices and intelligence. The games are never closed and you cannot say the last word. Even if you lose everything, you have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and gain what you lost with the interests. There are not banks or government introducing new money to save their butts. Cryptocurrency gives to people the same opportunity to buy online, to make money from money, to not lose with rapid exchange that you can do online without a particular knowledge or action taken by attorneys, and everything is moved by people for people, without taxes. I still understand why most of the economists hope that this bubble will burst and cryptocurrency will die forever. I saw the enthusiasm of poor people becoming rich during a period of crisis for everybody, when the cost of life is at its highest historical level. A system without big corporations is bad for banks and government, that want to make endless money at the expense of people. Economists make jokes on cryptocurrency. They continue to say that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are scam, saying that this system has the same market capital of McDonalds and that at least there will be good cheeseburgers for everybody. They don't understand. They don't consider that cryptocurrency is not a social network like Facebook or another smart idea to make money from people with a capital in the stock market. Cryptocurrency is an idea, and you cannot kill an idea. Cryptocurrency is the idea that people have money and that now they have the technology to protect their money without banks. Think about it. Banks were born in the past because people wanted to store their money in a secure place. This simple concept evolved during the years and made banks the most powerful corporations in the world. Banks want to make money and they don't care how. Banks caused the biggest crises in the history of humanity, they destroyed people and continue to ruin people lives. They take advantage from the cost of houses and lend money to people with a home loan, taking 20% of interests, they want $30'000 in advance with 20 years of home loan while with that amount of money you can invest and make $200'000 in few years and buy the house in cash. The world of cryptocurrency is a big wake up in this direction, you can have a better understanding of money, how trading works, the fact that salary are always too low for the time that you spend at work and that probably you are wasting your actual talent in something boring and repetitive for the rest of your life, to have nothing in return, while you could have a better life made of profit and satisfaction. Think about it.