After a fever of $11000, bitcoin is getting a pause. More time to make your decisions?

Yesterday was a crazy day for bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. After a rapid peak of $11000 it dropped drastically to $9500, then it grew again to $10000 and now it's stable to $10300. Also other cryptocurrencies (except dash and few ones) had a bad day, with a loss from about 5% to 30%. As consequence, bitcoin arrested its crazy run for $100,000 and it didn't reach $12000 as predicted yesterday. Probably this event is not that bad if you need more time to decide how to invest on bitcoin and find the best way to make money.

If bitcoin is too stable for your scope, you can decide to exchange versus other cryptocurrencies that are growing more rapdly in shortest time, making attention to not lose too much during the transaction. Even if bitcoin has an high value, it's not important if you don't have already bitcoins and if you want to make money with trading, the high value will only make it more difficult to buy.

There are altcoins with a value of few dollars (e.g. Ripple is $0.25) that have more rapid and interesting fluctuations that you can use to multiply your initial investment. Just go to this useful web site:

Click on "View All" and order the cryptocurrencies from the highest increment to the lowest. Now you we'll see shitty altcoins with the highest percentage possible, like KashhCoin with 1052%. Ignore that. Go to cryptocurrencies with some credibility, good increment and good fluctuations. Don't buy altcoins that already had a huge increment, because they can go down and you risk to lose your investment. Click on the altcoin and take a look to the chart. If the currency had a growth, you are taking a risk. Do some research on google, visit cryptocurrency blogs, try to understand if you are taking a risk or if the investment is safe. At least you could not gain a dime, by it's important to not lose money as well. Consider that transactions have a fee. Consider that transactions for low quantities are not convenient from altcoins to bitcoins. For instance, if you have $50 and you want to convert from ETH to BTC, you may lose $12 with shapeshit, or if you are buying it, they will take a fee with little % of BTC but a minimum of $10 plus the cost of the transaction, so buying a little quantity may cost something like 33%. To avoid that, buy higher quantities, or not buy at all. Today there are more convenient way to obtain altcoins. You can use a person2person service like where you can buy from other people instead of agencies to avoid the high fees, or you can exchange FIAT to bitcoins with an ATM on your country, or you can sell something on the internet (like an old computer or a collection of videogames) with a convenient price in bitcoins or altcoins. As extreme decision, you can make money with mining, but it's very hard today. To mine bitcoins, you need an expensive machine of $2000 that is called Antminer S9 from Bitmain, that consumes 1350 W, makes a noise of 75 Db and produces just $23 of BTC per day. So if you have an energy contract of 3 Kwh, you need at least a 4.5 Kwh one, you need a ventilated sound proof server cabinet or to put it into a basement, or a combination of the two things. To make it suitable for a standard appartment with neighbors, it will cost you more than $3000. In the meanwhile, the cost of Bitcoin could fall down making the gain of money not enough to cover the initial investment, and most of the other altcoins are ASIC proof, so it's very expensive and risky at the same time. If you make this kind of investment, you may hope that bitcoin will grow up to at least $20000 or $30000, or this is very expensive, difficult to maintain and not rewarded as it should in the short time. So if you were asking yourself, it's not something that everybody can buy and play at home. However, if you have this kind of problems you can still mine coins with graphics cards like GeForce 1080 Ti that can generate 700 sol/s for zcash, for a total of $4 per day. It is studied to stay in the case of your pc-desktop, it's not that loud (40 Db), it consumes just 200 W (not considering the computer itself) and it's something that you can easily mainain at home, so you can make it with an investment from 500$ to $900, making $120 per month, that is not bad if you consider that you can make free trading with that and make even more money without a concrete loss (in the worst scenario you can resell a very good graphics card... or just play video games).