Cryptocurrency obsession? Pokemon GO was better.

Today it's full of people still convinced that they can become rich with cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency showed its real face during the last few months, they are dreaming something that will never happen. Maybe you are one of those people, so I'm sorry because there are bad news for you. The only people that became rich with cryptocurrency were the ones that bought them years ago, when nobody knew about that. People that discovered it later are paying to make other people even richer. At the end of the day, cryptocurrency is just a trend, and like the other trends it will fade soon when people will understand that the chance to make money are very few. After that, maybe cryptocurrency will be used for what it was projected for: making anonymous trades. Crypto can work only for that category of person, for common people it's just rubbish. If you lose your wallet, you are fucked. If you make a mistake, hackers can rob your money very easly and there is nothing that you can do. The exchange platforms like Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and so on, are robbed every month for amounts of hundreds of millions of dollars (the last one was 500 millions), so your money are never safe. You can buy an hardware wallet to make your money safer, but also in this case, you can lose the wallet, you can break the wallet, the value of the currency can fall down, the wallet could become useless if you need to move to another crypto for if the price is falling down. And what about mining? Tons of energy wasted to calculate useless hash codes, just to make the transactions work for a tiny reward and a huge waste of power. This system is so corrosive that is not suitable for normal people, but for mining companies that are buying all the graphics cards, creating a black hole in the hardware market. Thousands of cryptocurrency projects start and die to make easy money with pump&dump strategies, a game where only the founders and few people can make real money, the other ones are doomed to lose everything. And people are still convinced that crypto is amazing because a bunch of people became rich in the past and they believe that it will happen again in their wallet, yeah, with the same probability of winning the lottery. People are blind, they really need to wake up. This system is so full of speculation and issues that will never replace legal money, the market capital will never be 10, 100 or 1000 times the current one, so every long-term investment will be useless because the market is consolidated now and the new investments will make richer who owns huge quantity of crypto that they can sell when the price is high again, and so on. Do you want to waste money? Buy $1000 of crypto, now. It's like gambling. You are risking $1000 just to make $2000 at best. It's more probable that you won't earn anything or lose half of the money. And do you know what is funny? Thousands of people are playing this game, right now. They are wasting time and money.