BioSolver (cheat Biotronic on Facebook)

If you are madly raptured by the Biotronic game on Facebook, and you have got some buddies with a peerless score, then this software has been written for you. Now you have the opportunity to increase your score by several hundred thousand points with a minimal effort.

About the AUTOPLAY:

If you press SPACE, SHIFT, CONTROL or 0 NUMPAD the program will choose the block to move on the base of the best case possible (like combos or five blocks to make a multicolor bomb). This version is improved also in detection of blocks and it can move the multicolor bombs.

How to use it?

Its very easy. Just launch the application, then you see a window (there is a BioSolver v0.4″ label on the top) with inside a screen filled with a set of coloured tiles. At this point, you may run Biotronic on Facebook and overlap the Biosolver window to perfectly match the screen of the game (it's important). You will see the boxes around the blocks you need to move in order to complete a triplet.


My experience:

Before creating this software i wasnt bad at all, but after playing for a week i was with a score of 130.000 points only. Then, after the production of the first version, my score has growth to 400.000 and beyond just in one evening! Thanks to the last version (v0.4) my record is of 7.407.095 points (level 53)

Demo version:

You have only about 2 minutes and half screen. If you like this tool click the "buy now" button in this page and buy the full version (€ 9.90) without limits (the service of selling is provided by bmtMicro).

Warning: Before buying, test the free demo version to see if the final version will work in your computer because the orders will be not refunded. Moreover, be sure that you are buying the right product name because "I will not refund any purchase". Thanks.

Further information:

This software can run only on Windows platforms. It works at best with a 32 bit desktop, 24 bit desktop it's not supported. It's very rarely but the program may move the wrong block, so be careful. For more informations and support, contact: