GemFinder (cheat jewels games pc/windows)

GemFinder is an artificial intelligence studied to resolve all puzzle games like jewels. It can recognize several tiles from different games because it understands the nature of color and it makes a comparison with other tiles.

GemFinder V5.0 (work in progress)

- Dec 12, 2017

I didn't have time to continue this work, but it's not abandoned. Since the CJS framework has been dropped to develop the TMD framework, GemFinder v5.0 will be created with this framework instead. I have to adjust some of the statements that I made in 2015. The framework is still cross-platform, so the application will be cross-platform too. Anyway I don't have in my road-map to support multiple target languages (like C#) so the project will be coded enterely in C++ and the first version will be only for Windows, while further versions will support Linux too. That's because the program will be based on my framework that is still under construction and the Linux part is still too untested to start with it. The internal architecture will be simplified. The screen capture will use just GDI, there will be no plugin interface but just scripts in C language executed with the integrated JIT compiler. This should give enough freedom to the user without overcomplicating the final product.

GemFinder V4.0

- You can configure the game strategy
- You can choose the timing for the moves (it resolves many glitches on different systems)
- The window size and position are saved for each state
- Improved autoplay for the latest games (es: candy crush, midas miner, bejeweled)

GemFinder V3.0

- Load/Save your settings for different games
- A new fast method of object recognition based on fourier analysis of tiles
- Lab colour space to find colour distance between tiles
- A simple and intuitive Learn Editor to calibrate the program for different kind of games
- You can discriminate different tiles with different shapes, also in gray scale (or if they have the same shape with different colours).
- Press F9 to enable/disable the alpha blending on the entire window
- Configure the keyboard for the autoplay
- Old GemFinder and BioSolver are included to maintain the compatibility
- Configure a different number of rows and columns
- Press F9 to enable/disable the alpha blending on the entire window. You can make it invisible or transparent.


The games showed in the videos are not related with my work and their rights are reserved by their respective authors. I do not take any responsibility in how you will use my program.

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