Brain Grabber V1.0 (cheat Brain Buddies on facebook)

BrainGrabber is a software studied to increase your points record with the Brain Buddies game on Facebook. Watch the video to see how it works.



How to use it:

- Launch the program

- Start Brain Buddies and set the first minigame about memory (the cheat works only with this one)

- First, click CONTROL on a valid tile on the grid (it's to store the theme)

- Then, click SHIFT to try automatically the right combination (don't move the screen)

- Continue with that "control and then shift" stuff to solve every themes you got during the game!

System Requirements:

This software can run only on Windows platforms. It works at best with a 32 bit desktop, 24 bit desktop it's not supported. A good CPU is needed, like Pentium4 1800 mhz or higher. Windows XP/Vista.


When you click control to start the learning process, the mouse pointer must be over one of the correct tiles or you get an error.  I guess that it's not difficult to understand how this cheat works in particular if you are trying to be smart with a game. For more informations and support, contact: Thank you.