QuickDiamond (cheat games like Diamond Dash)

QuickDiamond V1.0 is a bot studied to increase your points record with games like Diamond Dash on Facebook. If you hold the autoplay key (CONTROL or 0 numpad) the program will match the highest number of coloured blocks on the screen. It is very fast and you can make a very high score.



Why QuickDiamond?

I created this cheat because there are no other valid and user-friendly alternatives on the net. I tried Diamond Dash Facile but the point record on my system was only of 400k in the best case... to be honest, I can do it by myself. However, with QuickDiamond you can do easily more than 800k (my record is of 1400k). You can set up the window to cover the game table and you can resize it if your browser matches a different size for the game. With the keyboard you can play automatically only whenever you want.

How to use it?

Launch the application. Match the yellow grid to the game tiles. If you have positioned correctly the yellow grid you will see some circle around the gems that you need to click. If you press one of the automatic keys (control or 0-numpad) the program will play the game for you.

System Requirements:

This software can run only on Windows platforms. It works at best with a 32 bit desktop, 24 bit desktop it's not supported. A good CPU is very important to make an high hiscore.

For more informations and support, contact: gingegneri82@hotmail.it

I don't take any responsibility in how you will use this software.