GemFinder V4.0

New Features:

- You can configure the game strategy
- You can choose the timing for the moves (it resolves many glitches on different systems)
- The window size and position are saved for each state
- Improved autoplay for the latest games (es: candy crush > 200.000, midas miner > 8.000.000, bejeweled etc...)
- I fixed some memory address so it's more stable now



It's very easy. Just launch the application: then you'll see a window (there is a GemFinder V4.0 label on the top) with inside a screen filled with a set of coloured tiles. At this point, you may run your game (on internet or pc) and overlap the GemFinder's window to perfectly match the screen of the game (it's important). This time you can also resize the gemfinder's window to match the game screen as best as you can. If you have positioned correctly the gemfinder's window you will see some circle around the gems that you need to move (in order to complete a triplet). If you press one of the automatic keys (shift, control, space or 0-numpad) the program will play the game for you. Furthermore, you can disable these auto-keys from the settings table in order to leave the gemfinder program on the background and searching for another game to try.

System Requirements:

This software can run only on Windows platforms. It works at best with a 32 bit desktop, 24 bit desktop it's not supported. A good CPU is needed. Windows XP/Vista/7.


Buy to support this project (if you want you can see it like a donation). I don't refund in any case because the software works and it is a matter of fact. I created alot of videos to prove it and many users used it in the past. If you buy it and you have no idea on how to use it or your pc is weird it's not my fault. Moreover, to test if it will work on your system you can try GemFinder V3.0, for free. Thanks.