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Links to this site or other sites where you can take free backgrounds, textures, 3D models, fonts and sounds.

Textures (02)

Here we have another nice collection of textures (always of my own creation) that you can safely use in your web production, software, and so on. If you intend to use my work you could write me an email and let me know or replicate this same post or quote me in what you have created. To access the textures (like all other content on this site), you must click on "continue reading" to see the full post. Thanks for your attention.

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Textures (01)

I added some textures made by me some years ago. To create them I have used my old software for creating procedural textures that was called Virtual Surface. I never completed it in the past for lack of time and interest. Perhaps this project will be reborn in the future with a totally new concept and objectives. In the meantime enjoy this collection of textures.

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