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TextureMind Framework – Progress #1 – Serialization and log

I continued to program the TextureMind Framework and I'm pretty happy with the result. I wish that this framework will give me the chance to increment the production of my software and to save most of the time (because I don't have it). People told me many times to use already existing frameworks to produce my works, and I tried. Most of them are not suitable for what I want to do, or maybe they have issues with the licenses or simply I don't like them. I want to make something new and innovative, and I feel like I'm about to do it.

- Serialization

Let me say that the serialization is a master piece. You can program directly in C++ new classes with a very easy pattern, save and load all the data into four formats: raw (*.raw), interchangable binary (*.tmd), human readable xml (*.xml) and json (*.json).

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Develop in C# for mobile with Xamarin, now it’s free!

Recently Microsoft decided to include Xamarin into Visual Studio, also into the free version. This means that from now you can use the C# language with .NET / Monodevelop framework to develop crossplatform applications with the support not only for Windows, Linux and MacOSX, but also for Android and iOS!

Before this news, you had to pay for Xamarin, but now it's free (with certain conditions, visit If you didn't want to pay for it, the only way you had to support mobile devices was to rely on existing frameworks, like Qt, Unity and Oxygine, or produce extra code with Android SDK and xCode. The problem is that all these solutions use different kind of languages. Qt and Oxigine are C++, Unity is a 3D engine that uses C# scripts,  Android SDK and xCode for iOS are mostly Java oriented. If you wanted to support multiple platforms before, you had to change your habits to adopt a solution (even if you didn't like it) to cover an high range of machines. Now you can continue to develop your project with Visual Studio in C# and then decide to convert part of your project to make a mobile app using the same framework, with a little bit of effort for the platform specific features. If you want to develop an app in short time and share it to the world, Xamarin will make your life easier.

Version 5 of GemFinder is work in progress

After thinking for a long time, I decided to produce the 5th edition of GemFinder using the brand new CJS framework. It's still a project in its infacy but I'm pretty sure about the new features that this program will have (if you like the genre, this is going to be amazing). The huge news is that the software will be crossplatform and totally programmable in it's main components: screen capture -> image analysis -> decision maker -> input repeater.

It works exactly in this way:

- Each component implements a default algorithm to make the program work. If you use the default component, you have to do nothing at all.

- If you are a software developer, you can change the internal code with a JIT language and save the source code in the configuration file. Like a shader, you don't need to build the source code.

- The JIT language is basically C and allow you to dynamically link an external library, so you can implement your own algoritm in another existing language (using directx, opengl, opencl...).

- You are not forced to reprogram all the components by scratch, so you can change only the components you want to.

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CryEngine 3!

The version 3 of CryEngine is the porting of the version 2 for the world of consoles, supporting both Playstation 3 and Xbox360 (but still compatible with the PC). Check the following video to figure out the new features.

HD Web: Tv internet ad Alta Definizione

Basta connettersi al sito per entrare nel mondo della tv via internet ad alta definizione. Per il momento è solo un progetto sperimentale, ma sembra promettere molto bene, soprattutto se date un'occhiata ai video di presentazione del sito. Se avete una connessione ADSL, un buon computer ed un televisiore hd, vi consiglio vivamente di acquistare un bel connettore VGA, connettere il pc al televisore HD e spararvi i filmati di questo sito a tutto schermo: il risultato è davvero impressionante. La miglior televisione da gustare connettendo un pc al televisore, grazie a siti e iniziative come questa, devo dire che dopo tanto tempo sono riuscito a trovare un sito internet in grado di sbalordirmi.

Requisiti per lo streaming HD

E' possibile guardare alcune piccole preview direttamente sul browser, mentre i filmati veri e propri sono disponibili in due risoluzione diverse: 720p (1280x720) e 1080p (1920x1080). Data l'enorme mole di dati trasmessi, per godere dello streaming video High Definition si deve possedere una connessione internet in grado di supportare una velocità di download pari a 7,5 Mbps, eventualmente sono richiesti 13,5 Mbps per la risoluzione più alta ma per una TV Hd a 32'' i filmati a 780p sono più che sufficienti.