Unlimited Holter 6L + External loop recorder (Coming Soon)


Amazing device to perform 6 leads ECG holter without any limit of time. It works also as external loop recorder and remote telemetry.

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6 leads ECG monitor with many features:

  • Record an Holter without limit of time (you can record for days, weeks or months)
  • External loop recorder. Press event button and save the last 60 secs or more
  • Internal storage of 32 GB and rechargeable lithium battery
  • View the ECG in real-time on the 3.5'' touch screen display
  • Create profiles and associate records
  • Connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Use your mobile device for real-time ECG telemetry, download records and manage settings
  • Record up to 1000 samples per second at 16 bits

Additional notes:

  • The device makes use of MAX30003 ECG and it works with AC-coupled signals, so you need don't the RL electrode
  • The total amount of electrodes is 3 (LA, RA, LF)
  • The number of data channels is 2 (I, II)
  • The number of leads is 6 (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, AVF)
  • You can use the device with metallic electrodes without the cable or with cabled electrodes


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