Donation & Wallet

Would you like to support my work and this web site? You can make a donation to the site by clicking the button below:

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Digital Wallet

After a donation, you will receive a gift of virtual coins equals to the amount of money that you donated (you need to register an account with the same name and surname that you used to make the donation).

With virtual coins you can order products in the virtual shop. Orders will be delivered to you with DHL service at no extra cost (or if it's the case, just the customs fees).

How the recharge works?

The wallet will be charged after a donation. Before donating, you need to register into this web site with your actual name and surname. When you donate, I receive a notification with the name and surname of the donor. After that, I can check who donated what, and recharge the wallet of the donor. The recharge process may take from hours to days, so if your are not recharged immediately is not an issue but you just need to wait. If you don't receive any recharge, you can write me to my email ( and I will fix the issue.


For now the shop is empty, but in the future it will be filled with interesting products, like electronic devices and softwares). So be careful when you donate.

If you want to donate for receiving products, please check that the product you wish is actually present in the virtual shop.

Donations are considered as actual donations and will not be refunded. The products will be refunded by recharging the digital wallet of virtual coins and not returning back actual money.

This is not a commercial activity. Donations are donations. Products are just gifts to donors. The shop with virtual coins is an interface that can be used to choose the most appropriate gift in proportion to the amount donated.