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Finally I decided to clean up this web site and take a clear decision about it. This website won't be used anymore to publish tutorials, reviews, knowledge, thoughs, articles and so on, but only "projects and products" related to the web site's activity. I removed all the useless categories and simplified alot. But the big news here is the online shop based on donations.

Now you can register an account into this web site, login and you will see an amount of money into your digital wallet. You can recharge your wallet only by donating to the site with the same name and surname you used to register. Then the donation can be processed and added to your wallet, so you can purchase a product using the online shop. The online shop will be populated with interesting products (hardware and software) as soon as possible.

One of the biggest news will be the possibility to buy the Unlimited Holter, that is a device for ECG monitoring that can be used as holter monitor without the limit of time (32 GB of storage + rechargeable lithium battery), loop recorder (record 60 seconds before and after the event) or remote telemetry (with bluetooth connection). I'll write an article about it with more details.

I will use the online shop not only to sell devices, but also software. You can donate and buy software with your digital wallet. The software will be really fantastic, so stay tuned because you will see some good ones. Bye!

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