Future plans for product and projects

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I wanted to give you a short update about future plans for the projects related to this web-site.

TextureMind Framework

Currently I'm working to a very long refactor of the framework to improve the internal architecture and fix lot of issues. After that, I will finalize the GUI and extend the support to other operating systems besides Windows, like Linux and MacOS. I will add support for Direct3D and OpenGL, while the via-software device will be extended to Skia library for advanced functionality, like 16-bit per channel. I will improve the management of system fonts at application level, add support for pre-calculated bitmap fonts and path-rendering for GPU devices. I will also improve the 3D engine with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and real-time raytracing for GeForce RTX series.

Unlimited Holter ECG

There will be efforts to create a device that can record an ECG with 7 leads for days or weeks and that can be used as an external loop recorder. This is absolutely experimental and it will require months to reach a stable version. For now, I was able to monitor my heart activity in real time and record an ECG track. I'm working to implement the loop recorder feature, the holter monitor and all the GUI to handle it from the electronic device. Then I will develop a software for mobile devices (Android / iPhone) to download the ECG records, analyze them and produce valid reports. The software will be available from the respective online playstore. After that, I will design a PCB to move all the electronics component from the bread board to a compact space, then I will design the plastic enclosure.

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