Old isometric engine

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This is an old demo that I created in the past during the development of an isometric engine for a PC porting of the snes game Equinox. The project was commissioned to me by a person that wanted to port this particular game to the pc world and then he abandoned it for lack of money. The graphics look very similar to the snes title, I remember that I did a pretty good job with the porting.

This demo was also part of an old framework to create video games that I developed in the past. The engine doesn't make use of 3D rendering or GPU, it's entirely via software. There was an original idea implemented to handle isometric occlusion with the simple blit algorithm, without implementing any variant (infact, the algorithm could work with simple BitBlt function call). As you can see, you can play only two rooms with collision detection, you can run, jump and hit enemies. Even if you have only two rooms, the engine was capable to handle the entire game. It's a shame that the project has been abandoned.

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