ShaderMind – Work in progress

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ShaderMind will be designed for the automatic creation of shaders compatible with shadertoy and other environment. It will be possible to copy & paste shaders from shadertoy (or others) and see them work on ShaderMind application in no time, so the new shaders can be saved for the future and re-used for other projects. In the same way, you can design new shaders and export them to shadertoy without additional efforts. The shaders will be designed with a 3D modeller editor, where the scene is previewed with my engine and my material system: when finished, the entire scene can be converted into one or more program shaders compatible with shadertoy. The resources can be converted into the glsl source code to include in the shader program, with some limitation. For example, a small texture or a small 3D object can be converted into source code but not large textures or huge 3D models. The scene will be composed basically by signed distance functions rendered with a simplified material system. Complex resources like bezier outlines for 2D or 3D text rendering will be converted into source code as well.

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