TextureMind Framework – Progress #21 – Gui Editor

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All my latest efforts are focused in the development of the Gui Editor within TextureMind framework. With an average of 300 commits per month, I didn't have time to upload a new video, but the application is now almost complete. Now it's possible to manage skins, gui pages and resources. With the gui page editor, you can create new widgets, move, rotate and scale selected widgets, change properties shown in the properties window. You can also create, open and edit multiple gui pages in the same skin. 

When the application will be complete, it will be forked internally to create another application called "IdealMind". With IdealMind, it will be possible to manage resources, create 2D and 3D scenes and design new applications with a programming language. The main target is to create a development environment for quick and easy prototyping of new applications, without sacrificing power and stability.

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