Blit Tech (via software engine)

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Finally I've released what I hope will be the first in a long series of demonstrations about the potentiality of my Unrelated Framework. This demo shows some graphic effects to demonstrate the enormous flexibility of the blit engine. Strictly coded via software, it can run on lowend configurations with an excellent frame rate.

There is a custom font format very useful for future development on platforms where there is no freetype support or to resolve the annoying problem that you cannot use the true type hinting informations without a specific license. Moreover, my engine includes other effects like alpha blending, complex bitmap fonts and bump mapping. There is no use of graphics card because all the drawing algorithms have been reprogrammed from scratch by myself and the image buffer is displayed in fullscreen using the basic gdi functions of the operating system. However, in the architecture of my framework you can overload all the via software drawing functions with the graphic card functions of the other famous api like opengl or direct3d.

©2008 Gianpaolo Ingegneri

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