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My paternity leave is about to finish. I took advantage from this period of pause to continue TextureMind Framework, in my spare time (programming is my lifelong passion). I wrote about 800 commits and finished most of the parts that were incomplete. I refined the resources system, supporting dynamic resources and content based optimizations. I finalized binary serialization and file formats. I made it 100% resilient to errors and corruption, so it can pass any fuzz test or existing app sec criteria. I supported system clipboard, and now it's possible to copy & paste anything between processes: text, images, audio tracks, 3D models, anything. I implemented a complete audio engine with OpenAL Soft. I completed the GUI system and created a professional GUI Editor that is almost finished. I started to support networking, so it's already possible to implement client / server applications, exchaging messages between processes with all the complexity of my serialization system, with my cross platform backward / forward compatible binary formats. Now it's getting serious.

I have two big announcements. The first is that 2024 will be my last year of work at NICE / AWS as developer of NICE DCV software. I will no longer be able to work for Amazon because according to company logic (Return To Office) it's not possible to develop remotely and I cannot move from my city. For now, I'm in a sort of "grace time" period, but soon it won't be possible to work anymore for the company and I will leave, I think for the end of the year. The second announcement is that when I'll leave my job, I will dedicate myself to TextureMind activity and I will make it my real job. Many applications and projects will be done from this point onward, it will be the beginning of a new era. Among the many things I intend to do, I am working on my own desktop remotization protocol, obviously totally original and reprogrammed from scratch with my TextureMind Framework. It will be called TMD (TextureMind Desktop). I have many years of experience as an employee developer of this type of software and I am perfectly capable of creating my own software starting from scratch. The software will not only be a desktop remotization protocol, but also the virtualization protocol for my applications because I want to release some of them in the form of saas (software as a service). Everything will be developed in C++ with optimizations, high performance and the minimum amount of external dependencies. It will be great. Soon I will publish some video to show my latest progresses.

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