TextureMind Framework – Progress #22 – OpenAL Soft

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In parallel with GUI Editor, I developed the audio part of my framework. I wrote an abstraction layer to handle the AudioContext and I created an implementation of it with OpenAL Soft libraries (but it can be implemented with any other audio library). I created also an abstraction layer to handle audio tracks and sounds. Now it's possible to load a sample from ogg vorbis format and play it with the audio context. The context can play many sounds at the same time, handling the queue of sounds in flight. A sound can be consumed until the execution is terminated or played in a loop and stopped later. The audio context automatically manages the audio that are playing on the background and the others that are about to terminate. It's possible to group more sounds under the same slot to manage master volume, frequency and other parameters. For example, in a video game it would be useful to play sound effects in a slot and the music track in another slot, with a separate volume. The conversion between audio models is managed automatically. You can load a dolby surround 7.1 audio track and play it in a stereo system, and vice versa. Finally, you can also play sounds in a virtual reality, where the listener is positioned in the 3D space. The next step will be to add DSP real-time effects and to load / play music from mod file format.

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