TextureMind Desktop (future project)

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TextureMind Desktop (TMD) will be a software to allow remote access to a personal computer's desktop (the host machine) from a client device. It will be composed by a server running on the host machine and a client application which connects to the server. The application will expose a simple UI to make the user access and interact with the desktop of the host machine.

Why TextureMind Desktop?

There are already several softwares of this type, like VNC, RDP, TGX, PCoIP, Citrix, RGS and DCV. So what's the purpose of having TMD? The project TMD was born from TextureMind Framework, which is an entire C++ development environment for two-dimensional and three-dimensional applications, complete not only with the basic features for managing multithreading, inter-process communication, networking, dynamic modules, plugins, compression, serialization, but also 2D and 3D graphics, a proprietary GUI system, an entire 3D engine, a materials system comparable to that of Unreal Engine 5, internal computer vision's architecture and 2D / 3D audio system compatible with Dolby Surround 7.1 (but potentially atmos). TextureMind Framework doesn't use external dependencies but only graphics / audio libraries and some other import / export library, like devIL, ffmpeg, turbo-jpeg and assimp. TextureMind Framework is super consistent, self contained and easy to port to any operating system, the same goes for any product derived from the framework. TMD will benefit from the framework consistency and all the additional features not implemented in other remoting protocols.

Best features:

  • Optimized for high framerate and low CPU usage
  • GPU encoders (i.e. NvENC and AMF)
  • Multiple monitors with 4K resolutions
  • Smart client / server frame rate autotuning
  • A large set of image (jpg, bmp, png...) and compression formats (zip, lz4, lzo...)

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