PC Breathless Demo #1

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I'm glad to release the first demo of PC Breathless that you can try on your own PC desktop or laptop. The minimum requirements are Windows, GPU card and Vulkan libraries installed.

You can turn around your view with the mouse and set forward with the up/down cursors, eventually go up and down with the left / right mouse buttons.

This demo is not a great evolution of the demo already published on youtube. The big difference is in the clean up and the fact that you can safely run in your pc without issues (be sure to have vulkan libraries installed). If you like this project and you want that it will be continued in the future, please make a donation to support my work. It will be appreciated.

For now, you can see the third stage with no collision detection applied. In the future demos, I will apply an actual walk with collision detection, and the missing code to open the doors. As you can see, the graphics aspect is very simple without any lights applied, sky, characters or animated textures. That's because the 3D engine is still under development. As next step, I will introduce a new lighting system with PBR. I do not exclude that I will implement also a ray-tracing renderer in the future.

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